SCSSW Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is a supportive group of alumni interconnected across the United States and Canada.

Area Coordinators (AC) are key liaisons between students, alumni, and the School. Area Coordinators work under the leadership of the Office of Alumni Relations to provide coordinated efforts to maintain communication with students and alumni and facilitate local activities to meet both student and alumni needs. Alumni are solicited for volunteer services that they are willing to offer to prospective students, current students and fellow alumni.

Area Coordinators

  • Welcome students/alumni to the geographic area and introduce them to other alumni
  • Share information and resources on social work professional development (e.g., networking and career options ) or connect students and alumni with other alumni who can do this
  • Validate the Smith SSW experience in a personal way
  • Provide local geographic information (e.g., public transportation system, affordable restaurants, child care services, medical facilities, housing options and more)
Region I: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
Eastern (Boston)
Eastern (North Shore)
Charlotte Carroll, M.S.W. ' 
Eastern (Upper South Shore)
Eastern (Lower South Shore)
Eastern (Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket)
Melinda Stewart, M.S.W. ' 
Western (Berkshires) 
Christine Burbank, M.S.W. ' 
Western (Pioneer Valley) 
Lisa Jaffe, M.S.W. '15
Phuong Do, M.S.W. '03 
Julie Jacobs, M.S.W. '
Abigail Spadone, M.S.W. '
Mary Claire De Haven, M.S.W. '89802-349-7095 (no email)
New Hampshire
Lori Pelletier-Baker, M.S.W. ' 
Rhode Island
Region II: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
New York City/New Jersey
Janah Boccio, M.S.W. ' 
Sarah Pulver, M.S.W. ' 

More Information 

The Office of Alumni Relations and Development provides additional support for events and facilitates communication in many ways. To contact the office with questions send an email to or call 413-585-4290.