Field Advising and Supervision

Contact the Field Office: 


Phone: 413-585-7965

Mail: SSW Field Office, 23 West Street, Northampton, MA 01063

Fax: 413-585-7994

Smith's commitment to individual student support and mentorship continues into the field, where students work with a designated Faculty Field Adviser. Agencies join the School in selecting qualified supervisors who act as clinical field faculty, providing each student with clinical supervision and field instruction each week.

Faculty Field Advisers (FFAs)

Students are assigned a Smith faculty field adviser (FFA) to whom they report on a monthly basis. The FFA is available to the intern for phone or email consultation. The FFA visits the internship sites twice during the field internship period, meeting with the intern and with the supervisor. The FFA is the intermediary between the School and the field agency, ensuring a quality learning experience and the highest standards of clinical field instruction through supervision. Through this intricate network of supports, continuous communication is maintained with the School about each student's professional development and learning needs.


A student's relationship with a supervisor is primarily an educational one, in which both parties commit to the student's learning of skills, values and knowledge of social work. Supervisors coordinate the student's overall experience, review case material and help students to integrate the various pieces of the field internship.  Students receive a minimum of two hours of weekly supervision which can be met in individual supervision or in a combination of individual and group supervision. Students are expected to complete one process recording each week, which their supervisors review and report to the student. This relationship in the internship setting helps students learn to remember to reflect on their work and to allow for detailed feedback on both the content and the process of the student's interactions with clients.