Community Based Anti-Racism Experience (CBARE)

(formerly Community Practice Experience)

Coordinators of Community Based Anti-Racism Experience: Loren Cahill, M.S.W., Ph.D. and Reina Batrony, M.A., LMHC

Beginning with the class of 2021, all students during their second field year will identify a coalition, network or community-based organization engaging in efforts to promote social and racial justice within their community. Students are required to join the work of the coalition or organization and engage in a total of 75 hours over the course of the second field year (SOCW 682) to strengthen knowledge and skills in organizational and community level social work practice. The Community Based Anti-Racism Experience involves students in social work activity that goes beyond direct clinical work with individuals, families and small groups to promote anti-racism in organizations, neighborhoods and our larger social systems.

Preparation for the CBARE begins with a course in the second summer, 627 - Agency and Community Practice. The assignments in the 627 course provide the student with a greater understanding of the placement community the student will be entering, as well as a preliminary profile of an organization or coalition designed to address racial and social justice within the community. Each student is assigned an adviser who will connect with the student during the second summer and provide support, guidance and oversight of the experience. Students are required to submit a monthly reflection log to their adviser as well as two reflection and analytic papers throughout the second field year.