Supervision and the Organizational Context

In-person Seminar 
Instructor: Delores Hendrix-Giles, LCSW-S, CGP 
Level: Intermediate 
CEs: 3.25 
Target Audience: Social workers and other social service providers who are currently providing clinical supervision and have supervised for at least three years.
Course Delivery Method, Format and Instructor Interaction: Live in-person seminar

This course will explore the relationship between organizational culture, personal culture, and the supervisory relationship.  Organizational dynamics and culture influence the delivery of supervision in complex and nuanced ways which require supervisors’ awareness and examination.  We will examine the ways health care administration and models of care impact the provision of supervision and the supervisory relationship. We will employ a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens to address opportunities for greater understanding and engagement across the supervisory triad.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the parallels relationship between organizational culture, personal culture and the supervisory relationship.
  2. Examine organizational culture and it’s influences on supervision practice.
  3. Apply frameworks for integrating race/culture into clinical education and supervision.
  4. Recognize how context of organization influences teaching models/practice/supervision


Class Outline Day 1: 1.75 hours with 10-minute break

The Influence Organizational Culture on Supervision

  • How does organizational culture manifest in the supervisory relationship?
  • Impact of culture on supervisory dyad/triad
  • Parallel process – Agency culture and the supervisor/supervisee relationship

Parallel Dynamics of Social Justice in Supervision and the Organization

  • Critical conversations
  • Integration of DEI

Class Outline Day 2: 2 hours with 10-minute break

Relevance of Agency Structure to Supervision

  • Role/function of Supervision in the organization
  • Typology of organizational learning
  • Context and Integration of Supervision in organization

Impact of Organizational Structure on Practice/Teaching Models

  • Neoliberal Context
  • Social Work Education
  • Intersections of the Organization-Practice/Supervision/Well-Being
Delores Hendrix-Giles smiles at the camera wearing a pink collared shirt and black blazer.

Delores Hendrix-Giles, LCSW-S, CGP

Professional Education Instructor
Delores Hendrix-Giles is a licensed clinical social worker and University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work alumna with more than 20 years of…
Completion Requirements for In-Person Seminars

To receive a CE certificate, you must attend the entirety of the seminar. Partial credit will not be awarded to those who attend only a portion of the seminar. For live, in-person seminars, participants must sign in and out of the session and complete an evaluation. A link to the online evaluation will be emailed to participants within 24 hours of the conclusion of the course. It is attendee’s responsibility to contact their state licensing board/certification boards to determine eligibility to meet continuing education requirements.

How Will a CE Certificate Be Awarded?

Upon completing the evaluation for the in-person seminar, participants will be emailed their online certificate​ within 30 days of seminar completion​. ​Participants should save and/or print ​the certificate upon receipt for ​their records. Receiving the CE certificate is contingent on completion of the evaluation and signing in and out of the seminar.