Social Work Field Education

Smith College School for Social Work Student at a Field Internship, sitting in front of a mural, speaking to a man with a guitar

More experience. More supervision. More recognition.
Field internships are the heart of the Smith M.S.W. program. From September to April, you’ll be an integral part of a clinical team, delivering services to individuals, families, or groups. You’ll have double the time in the field than you’ll find in other programs and you’ll have the support of an on-site supervisor and a faculty field adviser who will come to you—wherever you are. You’ll experience first hand your future career as a clinical social worker.

Our national network of field affiliates 
Your field internship is designed to match your educational goals and your personal needs. Students who apply early decision and those with families, mortgages, or community requirements are given priority in selecting the geographical location of their internships. In fact, more than 80 percent of our students are given their first choice. No matter where you train, you’ll be valued. Our partner institutions actively seek out Smith students.   
Developing a depth of skill
In each internship, you’ll spend 30 hours per week in the field, with up to 15 hours per week with clients. Your second internship will deepen your clinical skills, sharpen your ability to integrate theory and research into your practice, and solidify your identity as a professional clinical social worker.  
Exceptional field education isn’t just about time in your internship. It includes:

  • Orientations: In your first two summers, field orientations will prepare you for your internships.
  • Integrative seminars: You’ll participate in integrative field seminars that help link summer coursework to experiences in the field.   
  • Variety of internship settings: You may intern in a community clinic, K-12 school, college, hospital, VA center or other site arranged by our field office—or you may take advantage of our new employment-based field internship.
  • Job opportunities: By commencement, you may have a job lined up at one of your internship sites. Many students do! 

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