M.S.W. Field Education

M.S.W. student AJ Metthe at his field internship site

At the very heart of the Smith M.S.W. experience will be your field internship. Woven between the three summer academic sessions, our field work program is distinguished by the length of the internship periods (sessions 2 and 4), by the program's responsiveness to the learning needs of individual students and by the extensive network of support provided within the field.

As a nationally based school, Smith SSW affiliates with training sites across the country. More than 150 agencies in 20 states currently participate in Smith’s field program, providing students with training opportunities in schools, family service and child welfare agencies, child guidance and mental health clinics, medical as well as psychiatric units of hospitals, and college counseling centers. And through the Employment Based Field Internship program, applicants currently working in social service settings to apply to intern at their current work site and to continue to be paid. Our Field Office is constantly exploring new internship settings that balance the training and location needs of students and the support network available from alumni in various areas. Training sites supplement the professional training offered at Smith by providing sound clinical experience and supervision consistent with the quality and focus of the School’s educational mission.

The Smith Advantage

Smith’s well-recognized, intensive, clinically diverse and closely monitored field internships are like no other social work training experience. The duration and rigor of the field internships consistently provides Smith's graduates with a distinct advantage after graduation. Employers are eager to hire graduates with such rich and concentrated learning experiences, and Smith graduates find themselves readily employed.